KUŹNIA NAPOLEOŃSKA, breeding from flat studio

I had read few articles about kennels of my collegues and I was always unsatisfied, there was always something missing. Now, when I'm standing in front of this task by myself, I can see how hard it is.

How to do it? How not to write dry article with list of pedigrees and in the same time not to write a sentimental babble?

Well, you can only die once, right?

I will not be original, saying that since I can remember, I always wanted to have a dog. At age of 5 I directed my tastes and - in dreams - I was a owner, of a good-hearted look Great Dane, which was bigger than me. When I was 12, my dad took a pity on me and gave me a "tramp-dun" female, on which I tested all of my teaching skills (with actually, not so bad results).

Funia - because that was her name - has spent with me 14 most important years of my life.

The faith was so gracious, that he put on path of my life, my husband - Janusz Gabrysiak, who among many qualities had one, very important for me - he loved dogs and he was also the owner of kennel "z Kuźni Napoleońskiej".

ANDROMEDA z Kuźni Napoleońskiej

Great Danes were born at this kennel only once. On 2nd of April 1972 after harlequin female - GALIA od Lessi, and Winner CAPRICCO z Błękitnej Raduni. After that there was a long break.

After Funia died (in her 14th year of life) I had started to search my dreamed Great Dane. He was suppose to meet our four basic conditions: to be fawn female, to be already "on-growing" puppy (because of our small child) and - what was the most important for us - to have a good character. Finally, after long research I had found, thanks to Polish Kennel Club, collegue Irena Gorecka-Pierzchanowska (Akwaforta kennel), who was searching for a home for female after FULL Santana and her comely COLLINE Santana (daughter of HOSS v. Bad Rappenau). I called her and I found out, that we are supposed to pick up female from her previous owners, who had treated her badly. More or less in second hour of our talk I knew about this dog everything - and most of all, that she had great character, and it was more important for me than the look of the dog. I made up a decission - I'm buing.

In this way, my life had gained two, new and important persons - my best friend on which, during our 14 years of friendship, I could always count (our friendhsip wasn't embroiled by any dog shows, or puppies - and as we all know, things happen..., we also remained with a tradition - since this first phone call, we are always talking not shorter than two hours each time) and BAJA BONGO Akwaforta - the most wonderful Dane character, which I had met till this moment..

She came poor, sick and skinny (at age of 7 months, she weighed 30 kg), she had to be beaten, because during her first days at our home she was scared of any rapid moves. Mentally she recovered very quickly, but physically she was way behind - it took me over 10 months to bring her into condition, that I could name "satisfying". When she grew up she wasn't big. She was more of a sport type dog with an excellent movement. It's worth to mention that BAJKA and our daughter Kamila were inseparable duo. BAJKA was first companion of games and plays of our little as well as very attentive guardian. She was a dog person, calm, good, but proud, not allowing - those who she didn't like - for too much of familiarity.

Even our proteges (we work with struggling youth) are always mentioning her. After years she seems to be for them bigger, more beautiful, and the smartest in the whole world! BAJKA was a good spirit of our home.

In year 1986, at age of 3, BAJKA was covered by effective son of MAGNAT Jaspis and ARLETA AGATA Atlantyk - Ch. HUMUS HOLM Haakon. From this meeting was born litter "G", from which are - handsome, but not shown GNIEWKO, Poland Winner, Best of Breed GRANIT and left in our kennel GULDYNKA.

Actually she stayed in our home by a coincidence, because - to be honest I didn't have any breeding plans. Why coincidence? Because during one of our night walks with dogs, I was attacked by strangely looking man. I was defended by 8 month old GULDYNKA and my husband didn't allow me to sell her.

DZIUDZIA, becasue that's how we call her at home, was a very active and go-ahead dog. To unload and direct her temperament we decided to thoroughly educate her. She turned out to be very clever student and at age of 2 she had finished the all possible courses.

The obedience course was loved as well by my dogs, as me. We were at our spot next to Vistula river three times a week. Kama was riding on her bicycle, and I was walking in a row with two dogs next to my leg. DZIUDZIA loved lectures with helper, when BAJKA had an ambivalent attitude for it. She was lookin at us with a slight pity and seemed to be asking: You really don't know it's just a simulation? She herself had reacted for helper only when there was a direct attack on me or my - in this time 6 year old; daughter. She couldn't stand it even if it wasn't for "real".

I must admit, that I really appreciate this courses (they are great fun and training for dog and his owner). It's really valuable for young dog who can socialize, and after that he knows how to act in big group of people and other dogs (for example on the dog show). It's easier and more confident to live with a dog who had been tested by us in extreme circumstances, we know how he reacts or what to expect. One of Trainers had written in the past, that you are not able to call of Great Dane from the attack therefore the owner and a leader of dog from this breed should be a men.

My experience is not coincide with his opinion. I trained all of my females (always by myself) and I realized that each and every one of them was calmer after this kind of lectures. Not to mention, that things from courses which didn't seem to be important in life - like nose work, where also usefull, when DZIUDZIA was finding keys lost in snow, baby hat, or even gloves.

DZIUDZIA became mother for the first time in year 1989. From meeting with imported by Magda Michałowska ELMO vom Spektrum (SHINE des Terres de la Rairie x BENTE vom Spektrum) was born litter "H", from which most perspective HUSARIA died after parvovirosis, and HORPYNA and HELLADA were shown only in junior class (2x Jr.Pl.W). However the show career was made by HARPAGON starting with achieveing the title of Champion of Poland and year later, as a FIRST Polish Fawn Great Dane, he became a InterChampion (bows are directed here to Iza and Jurek Konopka).

DZIUDZIA was covered twice after that. Once by - Ch. INGNORANT z Sosnowego Lasu (World Winner, D.Ch. ELGO von Ferndorftal x Ch. FINEZJA z Sosnowego Lasu) - unfortunately the most handsome INFANT had spent his life guarding estate of his owners. INKLUZ left to France, and none of dogs which stayed in Poland was shown.

Next meeting took place in year 1992, with URIES von Haus Tiefenbach (ELIOTT vom Schloss Laupheim x PRETTY vom Eulenspiegel).

From this meeting we left at home two females - Club 1994 Winner and Best in Show of Club Show '94 - JANCZARKA, and bronze medalist from the same show JÓZEFINA.

JÓZEFINA (called at home Pasia) had continued training tradition of her mother and grandmother. On the beginning she was more of a "class buffoon" (because from the birth she is a "debater" and for my each word, she had two of her own), but the end was surprisingly nice. She had finished a course, leaving in back shepherds, rottweilers, schnauzers - becoming the only one with excellent note and gold medal. We were very proud of it. Both of us!

Pasia is a dog for "bad days", she always has a great humor, which is shared with everyone surrounding her. Despite her considerable size (86cm and 68 kg) she is acting like a puppy and she is very communicative "person".

Everyone in our houshold have a soft spot for her. I don't have power to react, when I see, how my, 15 years old today daughter is giving kisses in to her muzzle - "from shotgun".

In last year JÓZEFINA was covered by Winner Brillians MARCO POLO. The litter maybe wasn't big, but it seemed to be successful. It will be nice for me if puppies from this litter will appear on rings in show season '97.

Also JANCZARKA has visited one handsome gentleman, but this visit appeared to be only sociable meeting. I'm planning to repeat that cover - hopefully with expected result this time.

All of our litters were raised in our small flat studio. In first moment it's hard to imagine, but with a little bit of organization (and of course with acceptance from members of our household) it might be actually very nice undertaking. My puppies are not separated, so just like older dogs, they are accompanying us in all events which are held in our home. It's very good for them (for us maybe less), they are curious, brave little dogs, completely free of any complexes. The problem starts when they are big enough to get on the the sofa. In one of these moments, it's starting to lack a space for us. It has already happened - when my husband came in to the room with cup of tea and had looked helplessly for any space to sit down, becasue sofa and both chairs were already occupied.

When I look back to all of these years spent with Great Danes, the fact that makes me most proud is that GULDYNKA has entered during last spring in to 11 th year of her life, still enjoying good health and youthful temperament. Dogs are essential fulfillment of my life, in which (because of my job) everyday happens a lot, not always simple and nice events. They are members of our family. Everything that we plan starts with a question: is it possible to come with dogs?

The fact that both "girls", are lying on our dofs with relish isn't anymore a surprise for anyone amon our family and friends. Sometimes, during "special recpetions" we are secretly taking dogs hair from black clothes of our guests, muttering, that next dog has to be black.

WWhen we are bumping on eachother in the kitchen, I always promise my dogs, that one day I will change them for cats, but to be honest - I can't any longer imagine home without this heavy, warm head on my knees, when I'm reading or without careful look of two pair of eyes when I'm in a bad mood.

Danes had rooted into the atmosphere of my home, and I think it will stay like that.

Few years later...

Few yeras had passed since the last article. It's true, that I still can't imagine my life without Great Danes. But this time there are different pair of eyes fallowing my every move at home. Their are different heads lying on my knees. Dzidzia and Pasia (mother of my current dogs) are no longer with us.There are big rocks in the garden, laying on place where they are sleeping...

Also the title of the article is outdated "...breeding from flat studio". At this moment we are living 28 km from Warsaw, in a old, country house, surrounded by an orchard, in which excel old nut and chestnut. My dogs have big backyard just for themselves and possibility of walks over the Vistula river, to which we have around 1 km.

With us are now:

LULEYKA - daughter of Pasia (JÓZEFINA) and ANGELO von der Horst, very straightforward "person", friend of the whole world, gifted not befitting with her size temperament. Because of her size (86 cm; 74 kg) called at home Wench. Lulka gave us two litters (sired by: JADIS des Petites Vernieres and ZEP v.d. Lingestreek), on which quality I can't complain.

MACIEJKA - the only fawn creature at our house, sensitive, unbelievable spontaneous "fondling", using each and every occasion to give us quick, and a little bit wet kisses - and from the other side the most defensive dog at our house. After previous failures she gave us litter of three beautiful baby boys, which was sired by ZUMO de Garaba.

MAKOWIEC - first "men" in my cynological carrier. Very serious educationalist. Before he starts anything, he needs to overlook, think, and judge - no matter if it's a "work out" over a fence between "dog" backyard and a "human" one, or if it's about unfavorably oriented candidate for his wife. I have to mention, that results are always positive! Maczek had already covered 14 females as well as he had became father 14 times. His (and mine) great success was the moment, when well known German breeders (like: vom Schloss Laupheim, vom Emsufer, Colossal) decided to use him in their breeding program. Dogs from this meetings are already winning on German Shows. Mak is the boss among the rest of our dogs.

MAKÓWKA - the daughter of Makowiec from his first marriage, the youngest, very sweet female, disarming everyone around with her sweet, childish eyes. At home, she is just like a calm teddy bear, but with crossing the door she is becoming the devil. On walks she is able to do up even Lulka. Makówka and Lulka are "touristic package nr 1" - dogs working on sun batteries. No matter how long walk is, they are always active.

MIŚMIŚ - I would make an enormous faux pas if I would not mention one more dog. He came to us 3 winters ago - poor, sick, skinny. He was afraid of each rapid move - especially made by men. Now he is a landlord of our backyard and is no more, poor, sick, and for sure not skinny (becasue I'm not able to put into his bowl less than I give to our Danes). Miśmiś is always smilled Skierd sheep-dog, and his mission is to be an "early system warning".


And now, few non-cynological informations.

Our dogs had their own "5 minutes of fame":
GULDYNKA played in TV Theatre "Thomasso di Cavalieri", directed by Roland Rowiński,
JÓZEFINA took a part in well known tv series "Posterunek 13",
and image of MACIEJKA was used for posters and stends to promote movie "W pustyni i w puszczy".

Joanna Mróz Gabrysiak

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